Top Teeth Whitening Recommendations

Teeth whitening pen is a tool for having that beautiful smile. It is a cosmetic tool applied to the teeth to whiten them and remove those yellow stains that usually came from the foods that a person eats or drinks. They are safe and easy to use plus they are cheaper than coming to a dentist for a teeth whitening service.

Usually the teeth whitening have different variations depending on the needs of the consumer, there are some that can be applied like toothpaste and then spread out with the assistance of a regular toothbrush while others needed to be left out in the teeth for a specific allotted time to ensure the effectiveness of the product, They are usually priced between $15 – $40 depending on the brand and size of the teeth whitening product.

There Are Different Teeth Whitening Pens On The Market Here Are Some Of The Best, Affordable, And Easy-To-Use Teeth Whitening Products.

Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Pen

This is the best overall pick for teeth whitening since it can also be used for those who have sensitive teeth. It’s 13% hydrogen peroxide and 15 different whitening ingredients which can overall whiten the teeth without spending a lot of money it has over 9000 reviews on Amazon mostly positive reviews, naming it as one of the best whitening pens in the market and it usually costs between $15 – $30. To use this product you just gently brush the teeth and it has a clear tip for precise amount usage and let it for 1 minute.

Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

Considered to be the cheapest teeth whitening product on the list, but it remains an effective product for sensitive teeth as it brightens the teeth and prevents tooth decay because it has an ingredient called Xylitol which is known for strengthening the tooth enamel. It has also been flavored with mint to freshen up the breath of the user. The product costs under $15 and can be bought online and in drug stores.

Colgate Optic White Overnight Pen

These teeth whitening pen is perfect for those who want overnight results and are considered to be the brand that dentist around the states trusted. It is gluten and sugar-free which changes from a whitening liquid compound into a thin strip of film that covers the teeth of the user which can easily be brushed off in the morning. The cost of this product is between $15 – $30 and can be brought online and in drug stores.

Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening

This is considered to be the best deal and value for money if the user wants to save a lot of money in the long run. They can be bought in bulk which can be used from 6 months – 1 year and the company has marketed it as a teeth whitening product that can give you great results in 1 week. But as a precaution due to its high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, it is completely discouraged for people who have sensitive teeth. The product costs between $15 – $30 and it is in the bulk set and is available online and can be brought online and in drug stores.

Philip Zooms Whitening Pen

One of the teeth whitening products that has the highest concentrations of peroxide these packs of teeth whitening pens are used twice a day such as one in the morning and one in the evening so that it could break down the stains that have been stuck in the enamel of the teeth. The product costs between $15 – $30 and is available online and can be brought online and in drug stores.

Beaueli Teeth Whitening Pen

The easiest teeth whitening product to use, it is formulated and has an ingredient known as Carbamide Peroxide which has a percentage of 35% that can help in breaking down stains and reveal the white color of the teeth. To use this product simply twist to be able to dispense the gel and paint it to the teeth. although the only downside is that when the user applies the whitening pen the duration of the waiting period for the gel to dry is at least 30 minutes The product costs between $15 – $30 and is available online and can be brought in drug stores.

Polar Teeth Whitening Pen

The best budget whitening pen for an on-the-go person. This whitening pen has 12% hydrogen peroxide which works on a faster scale delivering perfect results within 30 seconds this is absolutely perfect for those who are working in offices and other fast-paced working environments. The product costs between $15 – $30 and is available online and can be brought in drug stores.

Moon Teeth Whitening Pen

The only whitening product that has a celebrity endorser and best tasting, since they believe that oral products can never be boring they added artificial flavoring to the product such as lavender, strawberry, and honey making it more appealing to consumers. The product costs between $15 – $30 and is available online and can be brought in drug stores.

Viebeauti Teeth Whitening Pen

The whitening pen is fit for everyday use and with its gentle cleaning and effectivity to the teeth, it assures the user to have a whiter and birther smile. It is also has a natural flavored mint and very simple to use it even has a rating of 5 stars on amazon making it one of the most trusted products in the market. The product costs between $15 – $30 and can be available online and can be brought in drug stores.

Go Smile Go On The Go Pen

This whitening pen and blue combo promise the user to have visible results after one treatment and application of the product. The whole treatment process will only take 30 seconds and it comes with a USB cable to charge it perfect for travelers. The product costs between $15 – $30 and is available online and can be brought in drug stores.

To ensure that the teeth whitening products are genuine and not counterfeit, consumers must purchase them from reputable drug stores and or reputable locations such as Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Target, etc. just be mindful of where you purchase these items to avoid any accidents.