Can You Whiten Teeth While Pregnant?

Whether or not teeth whitening is safe during pregnancy is not known for sure. The evidence suggests that it can’t hurt your baby, but dentists still disadvise it.

Since the authorities doubt it is safe, you might avoid teeth whitening during pregnancy. It could possibly be risky for your teeth, even if it is harmless for your baby.

Can You Whiten Teeth While Pregnant?

Currently, the evidence does not show that teeth whitening during pregnancy is dangerous at all. The research shows that there are no major side effects. It could easily be true that teeth whitening during pregnancy is safe.

However, the American Dental Association is skeptical that it is safe and recommends that whitening be delayed until after the pregnancy. Most doctors also recommend delaying whitening until after the birth.

Possibly, health authorities are right to be unsure whether or not it is safe. Whitening treatment can have side effects for anyone. The chemicals used can potentially hurt your teeth and gums, though they are usually harmless.

The bleaching agents could be more likely to hurt your teeth during pregnancy. The evidence says that treatment during pregnancy is safe, but there is speculation that it might not be.

Your Teeth May Be More Vulnerable to Harm During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your teeth might be looser. This is because of higher levels of hormones like estrogen and progesterone in your body. This might mean that your teeth are more vulnerable than usual, which is part of why the American Dental Association advises against treatment.

Due to morning sickness, your teeth might be demineralized and at risk for erosion. Since teeth whitening is not entirely safe for anyone’s teeth, you might delay it. Whitening chemicals can be harmful to already weakened teeth.

Pregnancy can be hard on your oral health. For this reason, dental care of any kind is disadvised during pregnancy. You should only get essential care that needs to be done shortly.

Tooth Whitening Might Be Completely Safe for Your Baby

The chemicals used in teeth whitening likely have no power to affect your baby. The only risk is that your teeth are more vulnerable to damage during pregnancy. Studies also show that teeth whitening is safe during breastfeeding – the chemicals do not affect your breast milk at all.

However, some people still doubt that hydrogen peroxide is safe for your baby. You might avoid whitening during pregnancy or breastfeeding if you want to be as safe as possible, though the evidence suggests that it is not.

Teeth whitening can make your teeth very sensitive, even if you are not pregnant. If you get your teeth whitened during pregnancy, this sensitivity might be even worse, potentially painful. You might already have swollen gums during pregnancy, and this might worsen if you get your teeth whitened.

Is At-Home Care Safe?

Since a weaker chemical solution is used, at-home treatment is safer than treatment at the dentist’s office. Is it safe to get your teeth treated at home if you are pregnant?

Unfortunately, whitening kits probably still aren’t a good idea. While the chemicals are weaker, it is easier for people to make mistakes with at-home whitening kits for dentists to make mistakes.

Instead of whitening your teeth, practice good oral hygiene to avoid further staining. Get your teeth whitened later on when it is sure to be safe.

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