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Terms and conditions for Club White Smile

§0 About provides dental products and teeth whitening equipment of very high quality directly to your home – you get a quality product from a quality–oriented company, which only works with quality oriented suppliers. When you sign up for a subscription with us you get one quality product within the category of dental products and teeth whitening equipment, which the campaign of signup clearly will show – this could be a electric toothbrush, teeth whitening strips or a teeth whitening kit to give a few examples. is a website for everyone, but as a member of our service subscription (access to the platform), you will get a 40–60% additional discount on all our products. Remember a VIP member cannot only shop for him/her self, but for his/her entire family and thereby save a huge amount of money every month for the entire family.

§1 Company information

Phone: +1 6133663413

§2 The following conditions apply from 2016 work with dental products and white–smile–related products in all the countries we work in. Europe and North America is the key markets.

When you sign up for, then you get access to our online service and you pay for that every month. The price for our service is always mentioned on the signup campaign.

§3 Acceptance of Terms of use

By accessing or using this Web Site you agree to be legally bound by the Terms of Use and all terms and conditions contained or referenced herein or any additional terms and conditions set forth on this Website. If you do NOT agree to all of these Terms of Use, you should NOT access or use this Website.

§4 Prices

We accept no liability for errors in the prices stated. All mentioned prices include VAT. may at any time change the prices stated, if this becomes necessary. The price for each product will clearly be stated at the website. Access to the service – cost a monthly fee – please see §8.

§5 Sold items & discontinued items

We strive to deliver our products to our customers within 2–4 working days. will be subject to availability and delayed goods.

§6 Shipping, freight and administration

All our deliveries are made through our order system and automatic. There are various postage rates for the various products. Some will be postage free and others will be subject to postal rates. On some products we impose an administrative fee.

§7 Payment for the subscription service

If you choose to subscribe to our monthly subscription you will pay $119 per 30 day ($3,96 pr. day). Your subscription will automatically renew every 30 days. only accept payments via credit card.

§8 accept the following credit cards:

VISA & VISA electron.

§9 Subscription sell only approved dental and teeth whitening products. makes sure to meet all requirements in the countries we operate.

When a customer initiates a subscription, it will act as a customized solution for each customer. Customers may at any time terminate the current rules (as appears from the subscription campaigns customer registers that). You may at any time modify or pause your subscription.

You can also call Customer Service at +1 6133663413 or send an email to with your termination or desire to pause and customer number, name and address. Monthly receipt of subscription shall be made by email or, together with the product to be sent. In addition, you will be able to find all invoices under "my profile" when you have signed up for our subscription service at

We comply with the legislation on subscription stretches from all valid means of payment on this website. This information is stored in an encrypted format.

The sign up price for shopping portal is $119.00 for 30 days. At signup then the customer will get his/her welcome gift send immediately when the first transaction has been approved from our finance department. Here after a welcome email will be send, so the customer can access the platform and shop products.

The renewal of the subscription will automatically continue every 30 days, by collecting on the credit card. If a month is prepaid and you choose to cancel your membership, your membership will continue to the end of the period paid for.

By registering with you typically receive a welcome gift. In order to ensure you receive this, please follow the instructions that come in the welcome e–mail. The welcome gift will not sent automatically to prevent wrong deliveries and fraud. Therefore, you must confirm your information online on our website if you want to receive the welcome gift. You confirm your address by entering your address in your profile, and then we will send the welcome gift to this address.

If you wish to use your right of withdrawal you should contact our customer service immediately after your purchase by phone (+1 6133663413) to inform that you wish to withdraw your purchase. You will hereafter have your subscription cancelled and a form will be sent to you, which you must fill out and return. Since you have entered into an agreement on a subscription, you only have a right of withdrawal when the agreement is entered into, and not in relation to the on–going payment.

§10 Unsubscribe

You can always unsubscribe from, as long as you follow the conditions you submitted to when registering for our service (these can always be found and read at all our campaigns). You can unsubscribe in two ways. Either you can send an email to our customer service, which always respond within two business days, or you can log into your profile and then unsubscribe yourself. We recommend that you login and unsubscribe yourself as it goes way faster, as you do not have to wait up to 48 hours for a response from our support team.

If you contact us via email then please use your local email (see the top) or use this support email: If you send an email to the customer support, be sure to include your member number that you will find in all material coming from us. Alternatively, just give the email address you used for registration. The contact information for each country can be seen at the "contact us" page at

§11 E–mail address – according to the monthly subscription and order confirmation e–mails cannot be held liable for missing order confirmations, welcome e–mails or the like. It is the responsibility of the user to check whether these have ended up in the "Junk e–mail" folder or "Spam" folder and that their e–mail provider can receive the e–mails. We point out that MSN accounts like: Hotmail, Live, and MSN may experience trouble with receiving emails from We therefore suggest using other email providers than previously mentioned or to make sure that these are not caught in a spam filter.

§12 The Products

We ship most of our deliveries with Post Denmark. Your delivery arrives usually 3–5 days after we have received your order and will include products similar to what you have ordered. All our shipments are sent by post and is narrow enough to fit in your mailbox and in most mail slots. You will then receive a shipment every month if you wanted to subscribe to one of our products.

§13 Cancellation and refund of your money

As the subscription of is a service company where you get access immediately after payment of the $119 (the initial payment) and then we do not refund money. It would be an impossible task for to supervise all customers' activity. No refund for subscription to the service will be done unless a fraudulent incidence has happened or a 3rd party stole the customer's credit card.

§14 Complaints

If a product is damaged or otherwise defective, you have the right to complain about it. Contact our customer service must be affected within 14 days after you have received the damaged or faulty product. Thereafter, we can send you a new product at no extra cost. Phone number, email and address our customer service you will find at the bottom of this page or "contact us".

§15 Personal Information is responsible for the handling of the personal information provided by our customers. We treat every customer's personal information strictly confidential. The information is stored under the law. We follow the Personal Data Act, which means that you always have the right to have access to the information we have about you as. Personal information is stored unencrypted. You can access this information by sending an email to our customer service ( It is only people who are affiliated Club White Smile ( has access to this data. can use the email address for other activities and the email–address list for our customers can be sold to 3rd party without letting the customer know about this.

§16 Customer service at Club White Smile

You can get in touch with our international customer service by phone or email. You can contact customer services on +1 6133663413 however; it is easier to send us an email with your question, as there may be much waiting on the phone. E–mails should be sent to Customer service is very experienced with regard to our products and can easily answer questions about them and how they function just for you in your situation. Customer service can also help you tailor a delivery service that suits you. You are welcome with your questions, with praise and criticism. We want our customers to be satisfied with and our service. We are working towards long–term customer relationships.

§17 Legislation

Any dispute settled under Danish law and rules

With friendly white–smile–regards,
Phone: +1 6133663413